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#adayinparadise: masterlist ❀


in celebration of sesoo day (12th december), we've organised a special project for you!
writers and artists have partnered up—presenting you with fanfic x fanart collaborations!

day one
11 december 2016

the art of war (by lotusk)
kyungsoo has always had a competitive streak but the tall boy with the silver hair brings everything to a whole other level.
(pg • ~2.5k words)

fanart (by

day two
12 december 2016

a touch of the wild (by thesockmonster)
(wolf au!) in a small town, in a small high school, kyungsoo finds someone he didn't know he wanted.
(r ~10k words)

fanart (by

day three
13 december 2016

hit me with your best shot (by carpesoo)
kyungsoo picks up a shadow somewhere along the north atlantic.
(pg-13 ~8.7k words)

sides (fanart by

day four
14 december 2016

if my heart was a house (you’d be home) [ part one part two] (by jumpthisship)
on a whim, kyungsoo decides to bring his grumpy, reclusive university roommate home to rural ontario for thanksgiving break. sehun has no family. love him. (as it turns out, they do.)
(pg-13 ~18k words)

fanart by
(kagihana / chansooyeol)

day five
coming soon!
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