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14 November 2016 @ 06:20 pm

guess who

+Collapse )
13 November 2016 @ 08:08 pm
author: fairyminseok
recipient: carpesoo
title: Overdue
rating: PG-13
length: ~2.3k
summary: In which Sehun wants a date and Kyungsoo just really wants to do his job.
notes: really rushed with the timeframe I apologize. Will probably be rewritten and fleshed out eventually to make up for the pacing, but should be enjoyable regardless c:

Kyungsoo is used to chasing down students who don't return their books, but this particular student is proving to be the worst.Collapse )
13 November 2016 @ 08:00 pm
author: caterplina
title: Touch Me All Silent
rating: NC-17
length: ~4.5k
summary: The passenger Kyungsoo accepts to transport comes with a few surprises.
warnings: minor mentions of war and killings (I’m sorry), heat sex, humanoid alien species, unbetaed
notes: I hope you enjoy this story, even if I seem to have deviated a bit from the prompt. I liked writing it. I might expand it later, since I have a few ideas that I couldn’t develop here.!

When Chanyeol steps into the platform where Kyungsoo is waiting for him, he’s followed by a cloaked figure, almost as tall as him.Collapse )
13 November 2016 @ 07:53 pm
author: baeksbabygirl
for: zhonqrens
title: Tumblr Crush
rating: PG13 (with some language)
other pairings involved: mentioned Chanyeol/Jongin
length: ~4k
summary: Going through the stages of meeting someone online, befriending them, and then developing a crush on them is confusing sometimes. But for Sehun, it’s even more confusing meeting them in person.
notes: I’m sorry that this is so short. If I had more time to work on it, it would go into much more detail and honestly wouldn’t be this crappy, but I hope that despite all that you still like it.

Sehun hadn’t seen it coming, and when do you ever see it coming – the whole “falling for a stranger” thing.Collapse )
author: noonaofdarkness
for: baeksthighs
title: Did You Sink My Battleship?
rating: PG
other pairings involved: Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Jongin/Luhan
length: 10.6k
summary: Chanyeol is not the designated driver, Sehun is not an intern, and Kyungsoo really has no idea what goes on in his office.
notes: Thank you mods for being so accommodating. To my recipient, I hope you enjoy!

part one ❀ | part two ❀

There is someone rummaging through Kyungsoo’s closet.Collapse )
04 November 2016 @ 09:21 pm
author: silentcrows
for: dyosaywhat
title: kalinka
rating: pg-13 for the occasional curse word
length: ~2.1k
summary: kyungsoo is dogged by a stranger every night.
notes: i tried to keep it sweet :(

the man following him has blond hair and a straight nose.Collapse )
author: dyosaywhat
for: noonaofdarkness
title: The Best-Laid Plans: A Love Story
rating: PG-13
other pairings involved: past Sehun/Junmyeon
length: ~4.7k
summary: When Kyungsoo and Sehun first met it was in a laundry room. Sehun was in a fierce battle for a designer sock and Kyungsoo called him “butt guy” (in his head of course!). This is their love story.
warnings: Talk of butts, little swearing, mention of stalking
notes: I had fun writing this :) I hope you like it noonaofdarkness orz! Thanks to the lapslock mods for running the fest and being patient with me!

“Happy Birthday, Sehunnie!” Kyungsoo shouts, holding up the chocolate cake, which he had carefully selected for the occasion, up to his boyfriend’s face so he can blow out his “2” and “3” candles.Collapse )
02 November 2016 @ 08:03 pm
author: shinealightrose
title: In the light of the… morning
rating: pg
length: ~3.2k
summary: Kyungsoo is intrigued by the guy who reads kids stories at the library. Intrigued. It's not a crush, not at all.
notes: yay, for another sesoo exchange!! My thanks to the mods, and my recipient who gave me this wonderful prompt to play with. Hope you enjoy it!

Not until the man reaches the huddle of children and turns around does Kyungsoo's mouth open a little in surprise.Collapse )